About Us

Welcome to Minnesota Syrup Company. We are located on the beautiful north shore of Minnesota, in Finland MN. My family and I started to make our own maple syrup as a fun family activity. After three years of gathering sap from buckets and boiling the sap with a wood fire, we soon began to think about making use of our maple trees and make it into a family business.

Our first year with 800 taps, a tubing system, a vacuum pump, large collection tanks and a wood fire 2 ½ 'x10' evaporator was a success! We made 150 gallons of syrup. Our second year we added a reverse osmosis machine to remove the water from the sap, and had 1,300 taps. We made approximately 400 gallons of syrup. We are currently in the process of installing more tubing and main line, and will have a total of 1,800 taps. We sell our syrup at local craft shows, grocery stores, gift shops, resorts, bakery's and cafes.

We have had very good feedback from our customers and they say how much they love our maple syrup. We hope you enjoy our maple syrup as well!!